Le Grand Cirque presents:

"Crossing the desert" Innovating instrumental rock album, born from a collaboration between French composer/guitarist Sylvain Gouvernaire and members of the English cult group MARILLION

IRIS is the eagerly awaited new venture by French composer/guitarist Sylvain Gouvernaire in partnership with the rhythm section of multi-million selling cult group MARILLION.

The perspective of this unique Anglo-French collaboration is very exciting. When they heard of the concept, Marillion's drummer IAN MOSLEY and bassist PETE TREWAVAS were instantly seduced by the idea of recording with Sylvain who's music they had discovered some years previously when he was playing with French progressive rock band ARRAKEEN.

The result is 'CROSSING THE DESERT", an album of highly emotional instrumental rock music that will grow on the listeners, leading them through many diverse moods as the music plays by.

From soft simplicity to chaos, an invite to dream

From the simplest expression of acoustic classical piano style through to chaotic and passionate rock grooves, each of the eight tracks has its own personality, telling a different story. This album has a unique artistic identity with many astonishing new sounds. "Crossing the Desert" is a successful combination of versatility and innovation by these world class musicians, proving unequivocally their genuine desire to create a dynamic and colourful album.

This challenging alliance was bound to be fruitful; we believe it gave birth to a true jewel. But listen for yourself...

The artwork was created by DANNY FLYNN, famous sci-fi artist who has designed covers for books by ARTHUR C. CLARKE, ISAAC ASIMOV and others.

IRIS is distributed by: SPV in Germany, Tripsicord in France, Lucretia Records in Italy, Midstream in Benelux, Mega Rock in Scandinavia, Mastertrax in Spain, Marquee/Belle in Japan, etc...

LGC Productions presents:

With the success of the album 'Crossing The Desert' (about 10.000 Cds sold in Europe), IRIS is getting ready to appear on stage this year.

The album of French Composer/Guitarist Sylvain GOUVERNAIRE (IRIS "Crossing The Desert"), recorded with the rhythm section of MARILLION, has sold about 10.000 copies in Europe.

This album offers a subtle and emotional instrumental rock music, where melodies, enhanced with rich new sound textures, are developed into passionate vibes.

Sylvain Gouvernaire, back from England, has put an IRIS live team together which is now operational and ready to go and meet IRIS fans in Europe.

IRIS should be appearing live this summer and will play 'Crossing The Desert' integrally along with extracts of the next IRIS album which Sylvain is working on at the moment.

"well, it's turned out to be a very worthwhile endeavour. The music soars majestically across the soundscape that conjures up mental images of huge open spaces; very uplifting, with a delightful ambient quality. It's very easy to listen to, and in a style that is currently very popular"
Roger Newell - BASSIST
Janvier 97.

"Three great musicians have met here and unleashed great creativity, reminding us that creative expression in its pure form is a kinf of prayer, of service to the Ultimate. Sylvain's wild guitar reminds me of another "searcher", the great saxophonist John Coltrane. Good for wild, expressive dancing."
Mai 97.

"...Une joie transformée en extase à l'écoute de "Crossing The Desert". Composés entièrement par le musicien français, les huits morceaux de ce petit bijou instrumental frolent la perfection"
Xavier Chatagnon - ROCK&FOLK
Mars 97.

"Le résultat est impressionant, cette musique possède une belle densité et de l'allure, et le savoir faire technique y est immense. En fait, on pourrait se risquer à dire qu'Iris est à la progressive ce qu'est Satriani au hard-rock..."
Hervé Picard - BEST
Decembre 96.

"Entre progressif et jazz-rock, les compositions d'Iris déploient toute une palette mélodique extrèmement agréable, le tout servi par une production jamais prise en défaut. A découvrir"
Thierry Busson - ROCK STYLE
Novembre 96.

"Iris, trio regroupant Ian Mosley (batteur), Pete Trewavas (bassiste) et Sylvain Gouvernaire, guitariste du groupe français Arrakeen, qui livre un album du meilleur aloi"
Octobre 96.

"Gran produccion y buenas melodias para untrabajo que supone un paso adelante en la evolucion del rock progressivo moderno. Toda una revelacion."
Nov. 96.

"Crossing The Desert is well recorded and it does features some nice little slivers of music"
Cliff Douse - GUITARIST
Decembre 96.

"Grandi armonie, ottimi arrangiamenti e gran gusto melodico, per un "opera senz" altro gradevole e degna di attenzione."
Octobre 96.

"des atouts qui laissent entrevoir que la "traversée du désert" de Gouvernaire s'achemine désormais vers une reconnaissance internationale."
Xavier Chatagnon - ROCK&FOLK

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